Beemac has long recognized our customers’ desire to reduce transportation costs while efficiently managing their inventory. To fill this need Beemac has a Transloading and Warehousing facility located in Leetsdale, PA.

Beemac Port Services allows us to offer even more to our customers, including a full range of transportation modes tailored to meet your specific needs – rail, container, truck and air. We also have Clean Class B Warehousing available. Our inventory management expertise allows our customers to take advantage of our supplier bulk discount rates.

We provide the most flexible and comprehensive Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to our customers. Our focus is providing quality, reliability, excellent service and unmatched value. We know that shipping activities can change minute to minute. Beemac is flexible, and always ready, 24/7.

When you contact Beemac, we arrange for your freight to to be transported from our Port of Beemac to our Transloading and Warehousing facility for immediate transport or warehousing. We ensure your freight is ready for delivery and the best route has been planned to maximize efficiency and cost.



To be the leading transportation and logistics provider you need passion, commitment and innovation baked into the very fabric of a business and its people. For more than 35 years, our employees have built the company to where we have grown today. There are jobs and then there are careers. When you join Beemac you become part of that story.