Employee owned, and proud of it!

When CEO, Rick Macklin, wanted to establish a succession plan that rewarded employee dedication, while maintaining Beemac’s corporate culture, employee ownership seemed the best solution. So, since September 2019, Beemac has been employee owned. Eligible employees all have part ownership at no cost to them through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This adds financial motivation and ownership responsibility. Research studies show employee-owned companies perform significantly better than their corporate counterparts.

Why should you work for an employee-owned company?

And Speaking of Retirement…

Beemac offers their employees a 401(k) in ADDITION to their employee shares. According to a 2010 study, 56% of companies offering Employee Stock Ownership plans also offer their employees at least one additional retirement savings plan on top of their shares. Because of this, employees of employee-owned companies tend to have far more in retirement assets than employees in comparable companies not offering employee stock ownership.

They’re not the norm

Let’s get real: there’s no such thing as a perfect job or a perfect company, and you’ll likely experience ups and downs no matter what company you work for. Employee stock options are a rare offering incredibly rare to come by. In fact, there are only approximately 10,000 companies nationwide offering this valuable benefit, and way fewer trucking companies.