Located in Ambridge, PA

Located in Ambridge, PA, Beemac Trucking’s BeeGreen CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Fueling Station was the sixth one in the region as of 2014. It’s powered 100% by CNG and is open to the public 24/7.

Along with changing their truck fleet to CNG, Beemac trucking also decided to build their own CNG refueling station for several reasons. CNG fuel is a greener option, plus it reduces fuel costs. Cleaner burning engines reduce greenhouse emissions, and produces cleaner air for our children and grandchildren.

CNG also offers a significant cost savings for the consumer. For example in the mid-Atlantic, gas is currently running around $3.49/gallon, while diesel fuel is around $3.69/gallon. However, the equivalent for CNG offers a savings of about half at any given time.

Between the environment, overall health, and cost savings, Beemac Trucking is proud of our CNG station, and how we help to improve lives in Southwest Pennsylvania.